Mindset aims to provide person-centered, compassionate care which empowers individuals along their mental health journey. We encourage a therapeutic environment, promoting learning, growth, and resilience. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals aims to collaboratively deliver evidence-based treatment which consistently focuses on the individual.

We strive to reduce mental health treatment’s stigma while respecting all individuals. Our goal, through education, therapeutic interventions, and an approach focused on inclusivity and diversity, is to encourage skill-building and a sense of community. We help individuals acquire tools to tackle challenges and eventually achieve positive change in their lives.

Mindset aspires to instill hope and to be a valuable resource to the community, fostering a therapeutic space where individuals can find relief from immediate challenges and acquire sustained and improved mental health. Intensive outpatient treatment is a vital intervention on the continuum of care, assisting the stabilization of patients and their recovery from acute symptoms. This level of care is ideal for people requiring more contact than standard outpatient visits but not needing 24/7 inpatient treatment.